Broadband helps people back to work

February 21, 2008

Broadband helps people back to work

People who would have normally been left out of the country’s workforce due to many different circumstances like long term illness or living in remote areas have now found a way to get back to work but at the same time remain at home. Their circumstances remain the same but the lives have become much better due to the availability of broadband in their areas.

Work Wise UK has praised the way that people have adapted and how companies have become more flexible to allow remote working to happen in the first place. Chief executive of the Work Wise UK initiative Phil Flaxton said: “By working from home … they can actually get back into the work pool and technology has allowed that to happen with the widespread rollout of broadband”

It is surprising how people can adapt to different working practices and embrace new technology in order for them to get back to work and earn a living. It is estimated that there are around two million people who are doing home based work.


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