Key addition to Firefox 3.0 Beta 3-default Malware Protection

February 22, 2008

Malware Protection, a new tool released with Firefox 3.0 Beta 3, blocked a couple of popular add-on sites for its own browser. Much like the anti-plishing tool, the anti-malware tool works from a blacklist created by Google. The list includes both sites known to intentionally distribute malware as well as sites that hackers have managed to comprimise.

One of the sites blocked earlier this week, has found the malicious code and removed it. “After a complete check up of the site structure, we’ve found that an attacker had exploited a WordPress vulnerability to [inject] unauthorized code into our theme,” the site said in a statement. “This code contained links to a site which tried to install malicious code on visitor’s computer.” is now accessible.

Another site,, where users go to download Firebug extension is still being blocked. Joe Hewlitt is a software engineer who is well-known for creating Firefox, Firebug, as well as his recent work with I-phone and Facebook. Much in demand Hewlitt’s schedule has been hectic to say the least. He states, “Somebody keeps hacking my site, presumably through some Movable Type hack, to insert some malicious code into a few pages. I’ve removed it manually a few times, but as my entire site is kind of in a state of neglect I haven’t yet found the time to fix the problem for real. Once I do I’ll ask Google to unblock it.” In the meantime users can download Firebug at an alternate site:


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