Luton CCTV system upgraded to DVR

Jan Harris

February 22, 2008

Luton Borough Council has upgraded its analogue recorders, which were installed in 1998, to digital video technology supplied by Vigilant.

When selecting the technology, ease of use was a paramount consideration, in order to avoid CCTV operators having to undergo lengthy training.

As well as updating its recording system, Luton Council also updated its analogue video matrix and graphic user interface. A Synectics analogue matrix and a Vigilant Technology Elite Series Video Recording and Management solution were installed.

Luton Town Centre’s CCTV system comprises 132 cameras; 84 of these are pan, tilt and zoom cameras, and the rest are fixed cameras.

The Vigilant DVR solution records all the cameras at 12.5 images per second in 4CIF resolution and stores the data for a 21-day period to error resilient RAID 5 arrays. Images are transmitted to a Central Monitoring Centre.

The Centre has three Vigilant viewing stations, one of which allows operators to review recorded images, the second provides an overview of activity, and the third can be viewed by the police around the clock.

Luton is further upgrading its CCTV system with Vigilant Remote Gateway Server and Remote View software.


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