Virgin Media offers broadband for £10

February 26, 2008

Virgin Media offers broadband for £10

Never to sit back and watch the business world pass them by Virgin Media are about to launch their latest broadband offer of just £10 per months, but this is only going to be the entry level package which will not be offering some of the great speeds that have been hitting the headlines recently, so there could be a market for it with people who want lower speed at and lower price.

However this offer is one of those that again like the ones that were about last year, this deal is for a basic 2 Mbps, which is going to cost £10 per month just for the first six months, and then the price is going to increase to a high £18 per month. However it could be a slow as £4.50 per month if it is taken out as part of a package with the phone line.

Virgin Media are going to be increasing their speeds anyhow, so it is likely that they will be increasing the basic speeds, maybe even as high as 10 Mbps, but certainly this will be a great offer if the prices are going to stay the same and the broadband speeds are going to increase.


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