Virgin Medias legal challenge on Sky

February 26, 2008
Virgin Medias legal challenge on Sky

Virgin Media has been busy looking into the BSkyB and ITV competition commission ruling that ended up with BSkyB being ordered to sell all of their shares in ITV apart from 7.5%. Virgin Medias legal claim is that they should have been made to sell all of the holding.

They claim that by making BSkyB sell their entire holding in ITV is the only way that the whole anti competition feel about this holding can be readdressed and enable all to start off on a level playing field. This is especially interesting as it is the first time that the new rules have been tested and Virgin Medias idea is to push it as far as it will go.

This comes after news that BSkyB actually intended to launch their own appeal regarding the original claim that they had breached the competition rules, but before this it was Virgin Media who was planning a merger with ITV until BSkyB swooped in a quickly snapped up the 17.9% holding in ITV.


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