The new ITV offerings fail to impress

February 27, 2008
The new ITV offerings fail to impress

The new year saw sweeping changes to the ITV set up, with the ever popular New at Ten being brought back as the channels flagship news service, the idea behind this was to enable the channel to introduce some drama back into the nine o’clock time slot.

The channel has been true to its word, with new dramas such as Honest, The Palace, Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach taking pride of place. However the viewing figures do not agree with the choice and quality of the new programmes. Honest and The Palace have both failed by only attracting around three million viewers, while Echo Beach is also struggling there are complaints that the channel have tried to introduced too many new dramas in a short time frame.

However the channels management are happy with the response that New at Ten has received and with some new dramas yet to be screened including The Fixer and Rock Rivals, they feel it is too early to change the format at this early stage.


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