Setanta Christmas adverts ok

February 28, 2008
Setanta Christmas adverts ok

The advert for Setanta Sports which showed everyone a gold clad Santa named Setanta Claus played by the sports commentary legend Des Lynam, this advert which was shown just before Christmas had thirty six people running for the their phones to complain that it was sexist. This is because there is a mention of breasts and two puppies when referring to one of Santa’s helpers!

With these complaints going to the Advertising Standards Authority, they had to look into the complaints, but their decision is probably not what some people would have expected. The complaint was that the advert was sexist and degrading to woman. But the ASA said that it was only mild sexual innuendo. They said: “We acknowledged that this type of humour, which appeared outdated to some viewers, would not appeal to everyone but considered it unlikely to provoke serious or widespread offence.”

The main factor that saved the advert and channel was that it was never shown at times when children would be likely to see it.


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