ISP’s to hand over website activity

February 29, 2008

ISP’s to hand over website activity

This is not a new government scheme that checks up on what everyone is doing on the internet, but rather a form of targeted advertising, BT, Talk Talk and Virgin Media have been impressed in what Phorm can offer them and their subscribers, but the remaining three of the big six broadband companies, Tiscali, Sky and Orange have yet to be suitably impressed.

If Phorm managed to get the other three it will have data coming in from around 95% of all broadband users which presents people with a problem of which there is not much that can be done about it, unless there is a opt in or opt out scheme put in place which will give the subscribers a choice of whether they want their internet activity monitored or not.

There is also the subject of security and safety, which should always be paramount in any data collection service, along with whether or not the services that a company like Phorm offer their subscribers. This is an interesting step that the ISP’s are taking, which is bound to create additional revenues for them but at what cost?


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