British broadcasters face tough new ‘phone-in’ rules.

March 4, 2008
British broadcasters face tough new ‘phone in’ rules.

The regulatory authority that controls all premium rate phone services in the UK is set to toughen up its rules regarding TV phone-in shows.

The regulatory body, PhonepayPlus, now states that any provider wishing to have premium rate services, known as PRS, for the purpose of supplying broadcasters is to first seek a formal permission from the organisation.

The intentions of the new rules are to protect viewers from any possible discrepancies when using these PRS phone numbers. In the past viewers have been very unhappy with some aspects of broadcast PRS, particularly in the area of competitions and voting in major talent contests.

Last year broadcast regulator Ofcom, PhonepayPlus and the broadcasters themselves were shuck by multiple scandals involving fraud, with huge numbers of customers duped as a result of the using PRS.

Over the past few months there have been fines and sanctions brought against both broadcasters and PRS service providers. Ofcom has said it intends to make amendments to TV broadcasting licences to make the broadcaster completely accountable for all PRS used in its programming.

As there has so far, been no serious problems involving radio broadcasters, at this time they will not be affected.


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