ITV’s profits rocked by phone scandals

March 5, 2008
ITV’s profits rocked by phone scandals

As if the publicity that surrounded the now infamous phone in problems that ITV suffered, has left a huge dent in their profits for this year. The problems occurred during some of the most popular shows on TV, mainly to do with phone voting and competitions this scandal has now had a serious financial effect on with the company’s pre tax profits.

In 2006 the company posted pre tax profits of £288 million, but in 2007 this has fallen by a £100 million to £188 million. According to the company they are reporting that the actual figure for the revenue from premium rate phone lines were down £58 million as well as the revenue from the ITV content also dropped down by £37 million.

Despite the profits being down this year, ITV are looking forward with a positive attitude, especially as the phone scandal is definitely behind them now. Although it is a large chunk of revenue that they have waved goodbye to.


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