ITV sells stake in Liverpool FC Broadband

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ITV sells stake in Liverpool FC Broadband

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ITV sells stake in Liverpool FC Broadband<br />

It seems that ITV’s love affair with premier league football clubs finally come to an end now that they have sold their stake in Liverpool Football Clubs Broadband Business back to the club, it is estimated that they will raise around £20 million from the sale for the fifty per cent stake.

It was only last year when they sold their ten per cent stake in the football club itself when the current American owners took the club over, they received £17.4 million from that sale, along with the other holdings that they had in both Arsenal and Man Utd’s own television channel MUTV.

These holding were purchased during the early days of the premier league when it was though that the football clubs would boom which they have done and since the merger between Carlton and Granada which formed ITV plc, the company have been disposing of what they call no core assets, raising around £600 million since 2004.

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