New HDTV proposals

March 11, 2008
New HDTV proposals

Telco have announced what it terms ‘radical proposals’ to significantly increase availability of new HD broadcasting services. The announcement, in association with senior executives of the broadcasting industry says that the intention is to dramatically increase the number of digital terrestrial services available in Britain.

The intention is that there could be as many as 40 new channels as well as new portable and mobile TV services. The group that made the announcement comprises of the UK industry body Digital Television Group, or DTG, and the global digital TV standards group known as DVB.

Proposals were presented at DTG’s 2008 conference, Dr Ian Fields; chairman of the Technical Group stated that the intention was to build on Ofcom proposals, which envisage an adoption of MPEG-4 and DVB-T2. That would allow the transmission of four HD channels using part of the radio frequency currently in use by digital television services.

The two organisations believe that MPEG-4 and DVB-T2 should be introduced as soon as possible, as they would increase the carrying capacity available by over 100%. Also, they proposed a new development of plug-in, low-cost modules for ‘Common Interface slot’ that are already in use in HD TVs. This would allow reception of DVB-T2, and MPEG-4 services on existing televisions.

They also propose that nationwide Single Frequency Networks should be adopted, thus, facilitating a 400% increase capacity. These changes will also include five public service channels available in standard definition format for free, on a variety of mobile devices and portable TVs.

Dr Ian Fields believes that these proposals will initiate wide-ranging discussion within the television industry, and with broadcasting regulator Ofcom. He said that if the proposals were given the go-ahead the UK would lead the world in FTA Advanced Digital Television Service.


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