Internet more popular with kids than TV

March 12, 2008
Internet more popular with kids than TV

The Internet is his winning the attention of kids as their favourite, media over TV. This is according to a study by Grunwald Associates and independent company that are specialists in new media statistics.

According to the study, 64% of all kids also go online, while watching TV. In addition, nearly 50% of all American teenagers report that this is a frequent event, happening up to seven times a day.

Multitasking by kids on their mobile phones, MP3 players and the Internet, suggests that corporations need to respond with multimedia and advertising campaigns that are more creative in the way they attempt to put their message across.

The study revealed that 73% of kids multitasking is what Grunwald Associates term “active multitasking,” meaning content from one medium is influencing concurrent behaviour on another medium. This new phenomenon represents a 33% increase in this “active multitasking,” since the company began recording the statistics in 2002.

While kids are using more than one media at the time their overwhelming attention is focused on their Internet activities.


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