BBC issue patch fix iPlayer

March 13, 2008
BBC issue patch fix iPlayer

It has not taken long for the first software patch to come out for the iPlayer, the Future Media department of the BBC has been working hard to fix this and have found the solution in a patch. This is supposed to prevent hackers from gaining unrestricted access the TV programme download service.

What the hackers were able to do is get into the system, and make it easy to make programmes to be downloaded to whatever device is desired. But this would be done without any of the digital rights management resources included.

So what this would is a new show can only be downloaded for up to seven days on the player for up to seven days after it has been aired on the BBC channels. They can also only be watch for up to thirty one days, after which it would be no longer possible to view the programmes at all.

The hackers had none of the restraints on the programming that they had downloaded, making it possible to keep the shows for as long as they wanted.


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  1. Mark S says:

    Hardly hacking – all the “hackers” did was change their user agent string to make their Browsers look like mobile devices.

    Bit of an “oops” for the Beeb, but nothing to write home about. Non story.

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