The new look BBC Three is a success

March 13, 2008
The new look BBC Three is a success

It may have been only one month into the new scheme of things over at BBC Three but the corporation is happy about the way that things have been going so far. By changing some of the programming and giving the channel a new hip and trendy look has brought in younger viewers to the channel.

Aiming at a target audience of sixteen to thirty four years may not have been as easy as it first seemed, because although they are young the age spread is still quite wide and so it may not always be possible to please their entire target group. But they have reached 3.9% share of the age group which is the larger than any other digital only channel.

The problem now for BBC Three is not just making sure that they do not drop back; they need to continue the good work and bring in new programming which not only keep the existing viewers but will bring in new viewers. But this is not easy either, one mistake and its back to square one for the channel and the viewers will be off in search of new and exciting programmes else ware.


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