BT Vision to expand number of available applications

March 14, 2008
BT Vision to expand number of available applications

At the IPTV World Forum this week BT Vision has announced its intention for expansion of the number of applications that are broadcast via the IPTV platform. Dan Marks, BT Vision chief executive, made the announcement at a Microsoft sponsored dinner. Mr Marks placed emphasis on the two-way capabilities and personalisation available with the platform.

In his speech, he said “We’re going to build a personalised TV service that brings together the things you do in your study on a PC with some of the things that you do in the living room. We are able to hold a lot of content and open up a TV connection between home and the world. Once you do that television changes,”

He went on to explain that the concept would centre on content based transactions, which would include shopping, and gaming. He said the company would make substantial investments over the next year in applications that utilise the platform and can be integrated by viewers, to allow them access to the new functions.

Just a week ago another Microsoft Mediaroom technology user, Deutsche Telecom announced a similar expansion of applications on its network.

BT Vision was launched last summer and has grown rapidly, with a subscriber base that now exceeds 210,000 users. Mr Marks commented that these figures were as the company predicted and were in line to hit up to 3 million subscribers in what he called “the medium term”.


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