Channel Four put £20 million into 4IP

March 17, 2008
Channel Four put £20 million into 4IP

Continuing its commitment to public service digital media, Channel Four is leading the investment fund by putting in £20 million into the Four Innovation for the Public (4IP) which has also managed to secure funding from other public agencies to the tune of millions of pounds. In fact the fund is set to have raised around £50 million within the next years.

The plan is to gain support for the channels public service duty, secure funding and to get the whole thing going. This service is directed purely at the digital audience around the country, where they will deliver high quality content and services via digital media platforms. However it is believed that this is only a two year plan, but if proven to be a success, then it will become a permanent fixture.

This service is aimed at a younger audience, and in order to get a flying start 4IP and Bebo the social networking site much loved by their target audience have teamed up to work a project. There will also be what they are describing as hot news, current affairs and other projects for the younger audience who are used to accessing entertainment online. There is even word of a project that will begin to develop computer games for public use.


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