Champions League has a new home from 2009

March 18, 2008

Champions League has a new home from 2009

BSkyB has scored an amazing victory against defending champions ITV, in the cup final game for the rights to broadcast the 2009 to 2012, UEFA Champions League matches.

Rival teams that included Five and the BBC, as well as ITV were all knocked out in the final round. ITV will be licking their wounds as they are known to have been keen to hold on to the rights to the crowd pulling matches.

BSkyB will host a package that will include exclusive coverage of live matches for the three seasons. They'll also be a highlights show on Tuesday evenings, on Wednesdays Sky will carry more live matches.

Games and highlights will be shown across the Sky Sports network, including for the first time, three HD channels. will have live streaming available, as will Sky Mobile TV.

The company have not disclosed how much the package will cost them. There is still a runner up place to be decided, this is expected to feature the same teams competing for the converted Wednesday night first pick game.


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