ITV plan iPlayer rival

March 18, 2008
ITV plan iPlayer rival

With the BBC’s iPlayer making all of the headlines, people would be forgiven for not taking much notice of the rival services offered by the other channels. One such service is the ITV catch up TV which allows users to track back thirty days to find a suitable programme or something that they may have missed.

But this service is not quite as slick as the iPlayer and most certainly is not as well known as the BBC product. But in order to change all of that ITV are planning a major advertising campaign towards the end of July, this will be the first major marketing plan that this system has been given since it first starting operating.

ITV believe that they could be getting advertising revenues of around £150 million from their online services. But in order to get to this level they really do need to take the fight to the other channels by providing a well organised and nice looking operation. Once this has been achieved then there is no reason why they cannot reach the expected levels.


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