Top Up TV changes cards

March 18, 2008
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Top Up TV changes cards<br />

The Freeview and On demand service provided by Top Up TV are in the process of changing their viewing cards and subscribers should be receiving them in either March or April. These cards use the Nagravision System to encrypt the channels.

The swap over process is fairly straight forward and should not present any problems at all for users of this system. All that is required is that the old is replaced by the new one, the subscriber should make sure that the chip is facing down and the all that is required is that the set top box is tuned to five, because they carry the multiplex that many of the Top Up TV channel do.

Once this has been done the swap over is complete and the subscribers are then back to normal. Top Up TV is an alternative to Freeview as a way of receiving digital TV as the switch over dates looms closer. For any user who has problems there is a phone number where help can given on the card.


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