IT Managers unmotivated to reduce power consumption

March 19, 2008
<p>IT Managers unmotivated to reduce power consumption </p>

A new survey by 1E has found that many IT managers are unmotivated to reduce power consumption, despite the availability of energy saving technology and the urgent need to cut carbon emissions.

1E, a specialist UK based provider of PC power management software for Windows environments, commissioned the survey of 100 IT managers from large UK organisations.

Although 90% of the respondents said they were aware of their company’s environmental policy, around 33% of respondents said they felt no pressure at all to cut their power consumption.

1E believes that this could be because only 23% of the managers it surveyed have direct ownership of their organisation’s energy bill.

1E is promoting its NightWatchman PC power management technology, which can help minimise power consumption from an organisation’s technology infrastructure.

NightWatchman enables the centralised, scheduled shut down of PCs, even in a large network where users require different settings for working and out-of-office hours.

The solution has been shown to save an average of £43 per PC per annum and usually provides a return on investment in three to six months.


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