ITV cuts kids shows

March 19, 2008
ITV cuts kids shows

There is a storm brewing between ITV and Ofcom, as ITV release their programming statement which highlights their plans for programming for 2008. However it looks as if there will be a head to head on this statement as ITV have cut back on children’s programming by a third.

It was thought that ITV would be cutting back by half on the 2007 figures, this would make it around only two hours per week, but Ofcom would not accept this and told them to try again. This is clearly what they have done and in their statement they have made provision for just two and half hours of children’s programmes per week, which is around a thirty six per cent cut.

The problem that faces the channel is that their audiences are falling in favour of the dedicated children’s channels of which there are around twenty five now found on digital and satellite TV. ITV’s audience share for this sector has fallen to just seven per cent.


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  1. Steve Watts says:

    It is really disaapointing that ITV are cutting back on Childrens TV
    If it had not been for their investment in home grown programmes in the 60s and 70s we would never had Thunderbirds, Worzel Gummidge, Magpie, Timeslip, Follyfoot and Black Beauty to name a few
    Children have become used to the imported especially American programmes and we really need to stem this decline in quality
    We need more investment not less and we need to look at the times to show family/children target programmes, it used to be 4-6 in the week but this has shifted and sunday teatime was always popular. We need programmes that attract the children look at Robin Hood & Dr Who on the BBC. Drama does work for youngsters, they do not just want cartoons!

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