The BBC making moves to please ISP’s

March 19, 2008

The BBC making moves to please ISP’s

It’s no secret that the runaway success of the iPlayer has not pleased any of the internet service providers; this success has really done a lot to increase the amount of people that are actually watching TV through their broadband connection or maybe just planted the seed of interest. It is this interest that could create a huge amount of traffic which is worrying the ISP’s.

But in a move that might please the internet service providers, the BBC are planning to develop it own content delivery network CDN, this would be something along the lines of Velocix. This would mean that the BBC would be installing their servers on the ISP’s networks. This would mean that the stream would be delivered to the point once, instead of thousands of times.

However although this may be what looks like a reasonable solution to a huge problem, it may not actually be the right solution after all. It all depends on how this is looked at by the regulator, the government and the whole telecom industry.


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