The BT iPlate speeds up the internet

March 19, 2008

The BT iPlate speeds up the internet

It seems that BT Wholesale have been trailing a new device called the iPlate and surprisingly it has nothing to do with Apple either. This device could speed up internet connection by just adding it to your home network.

It works by reducing the electrical interference from other household devices like the set top boxes, television, and of course the famous interferers Christmas fairy lights. These things can slow down the internet connection speed considerably according to BT.

This device is called the Interstitial Plate (iPlate) it plugs into the main phone socket and its job would be to reduce noise and therefore increase the speed, but this sounds like something that would not do anything really, but should the speed be ok, then it would take all of the credit. For anyone who suffers from this problem, the £10 cost is not much to splash out if there is even the remotest chance of it working.


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  1. “but this sounds like something that would not do anything really, but should the speed be ok, then it would take all of the credit.” – not really a very helpful comment. Surely the statement is entirely personal, yet gives the impression that in your knowledge, this device almost certainly won’t work. In this month’s PC Pro magazine (July 2008), the device is reported as having been trialled very successfully.

  2. Sean Turner says:

    You need to do some research into how this works, and what the most common broadband problem is in this country, then you will understand why this product is a good idea….

  3. Johnson says:

    It is now June 24th and I have spent 2 hrs being transfered from one BT dept to another and they say do not know anything about this product, come on BT you invent a new innovative product that could be a money spinner for you and your staff are not informed about it. Is this going to be another British invention that gets on to the market made abroad!

  4. Martin Batchelor says:

    The company I work for are currently helping one of the big ISP’s with a trial run of this device so I decided to take one home and try on my phone line.

    It took me 2 mins to fit and my results on jumped from 4752kb/s to 6779kb/s. Not a bad jump I’m sure you would agree and my line is much more stable.

    Excellent device, excellent results!!

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