ITV to make phone in refunds

March 20, 2008
ITV to make phone in refunds

In another problem with a TV phone in, ITV has had to refund around fifty viewers who took part in an episode of the Peoples Court. Where object of the phone in was to decide who was right, it was one of those things where the writing comes up on the screen encouraging the viewers the vote by calling certain premium line numbers.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that, these things go on all of the time, expect for one thing that really the viewers should have noticed themselves but didn’t. The show was a repeat from four years ago and it was shown on ITV1 last Monday at 2.45 am.

ITV have stated that there were around fifty people who called or text the numbers on the screen, and they were in the wrong because they did not put up a warning message up on the screen, but this was missing. And so these people called the numbers and now need to be refunded. Clearly this is not like the other phone in problems, this was clearly a mistake.


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