Virgin Media to drop premium rate charges

March 21, 2008

Virgin Media to drop premium rate charges

It was around eleven months ago when Virgin Media controversially introduced their premium rate technical support line, but very soon it would seem that they are going to drop the charges that apply to these phone lines later on the year in June.

Its funny that the reason why Virgin Media say the premium rate phone was brought in, was to stop callers with irrelevant questions blocking up the system with their calls, while people with very urgent enquires were unable to get through most of the time. But of course this did not go down very well their customers at 25p per minute that is not a surprise, this will be changed over to a 0845 number or will be free if dialling 151 these call will be free.

However in order provide the more general phone line service, Virgin Media will be providing a general enquiry line for people who have questions of general nature, but this phone line will have a charge of £1 per min, Virgin Media being a bit cynical there we think!


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  1. It’s funny how they are removing the 25 pence per minute charge but introducing a *1 POUND PER MINUTE* charge for the general enquiry line.

    Besides the 151 number can only be dialed from virgin media phones, which means most customers that are cable customers won’t have that luxury, unless they subscribe to another virgin product i.e. Virgin Mobile.

    For a list of complaints against virgin see:


  2. They have dropped the above charge but now their general support lines charge has been set to ONE POUNDS PER MINUTE. That’s outrageous!

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