Blue-Ray copy protection fails again.

March 25, 2008
Blue-Ray copy protection fails again.

For a couple of years executives in the movie industry have been singing the praises of Blu-ray. Not only because of its increased picture quality, but also because they believe that offers a high degree of copy protection.

But unfortunately the Blu-ray Disc Association’s latest attempt at protection has been beaten by hackers. According to reliable reports the latest copy protection system from Blu-ray, which goes under the name of BD+ has been broken by an anonymous group. Who are known to be heavily involved in successful attempts to bypass media protection installed on Blu-ray discs.

The Association has warned that software updates will have a significant effect on titles issued by Hollywood giant 20th Century Fox. This is because other major studios had not yet taken up BD+, and had chosen to stick with encryption for their movies.

The Blu-ray Disc Association has not yet made any comment on the cracking of BD+, but it is certain that the movie industry will again be reeling from a new global movie piracy problem.


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  1. dvdxcopy says:

    This just goes to show you, consumers will never ever pay multiple times for the same content. The Hollywood studios want us to pay for every format out there, so I have to pay once at the movies, again for DVD, yet again for HD DVD and BluRay, then again for Ipod, PSP and/or Zune, mobile devices, etc. etc. They should stop wasting time on developing “unbreakable” DRM technologies and START spending some time and money developing a business model that charges reasonable fees. People will pay a reasonable fee for good content. Otherwise, there will always be new DVD copying, converting and ripping software available in the market.

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