When is broadband not broadband?

March 25, 2008

When is broadband not broadband?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the mobile broadband services that are beginning to make an impact through mass marketing, in fact these days there are probably more adverts for mobile broadband than for broadband received through a landline. But the question that is being asked is whether or not mobile broadband is in fact broadband at all.

The problem is that we have got used to landline broadband as the definitive high speed connection that can filter an internet connection and phone calls. But clearly mobile broadband is unable to do this, although SMS can be sent and received while being connected.

The main mobile networks are locked in a battle for supremacy of the mobile broadband market with prices being recently sliced in half, down to £15 per month, but anyone thinking that they can use a mobile broadband to download services like for the iPlayer will be in for a shock when they get their next bill. With a 3 Gb download limit and additional charges for each Gb, this could work out very profitable for the networks.


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  1. Paul O'Shaughnessy says:

    Looks like peoples bills will go thru the roof because they don’t understand the priceing structure, just like when mobile phones were launched.
    I wonder how many people lost their good credit score over outstanding mobile bills and how many more will lose it because of mobile “broadband”.
    Legislation should be put in place right now.The credit crunch is biting hard enough.

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