China unblocks BBC news site

March 26, 2008
Chine unblocks BBC news site

It seems that the Chinese-language version of the site is still blocked. Users are directed to a page that states “the connection has been reset” when attempting to access pages, giving the appearance of a technical error with the BBC’s site.

The BBC claims that users in China get by web blockades by using routing tools that hide their true location. Unfortunately most of China’s 210 million people who have internet access are still unable to view the site.

The Chinese authorities have made no official comment on if access to the site has been permitted. But the seemingly available access, is at odds with the recent blanket site blocking, with regard to foreign news sites.

Yahoo, and even YouTubehave been blocked since the recent unrest over Tibet’s independence erupted.

The editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger has written to the Chinese ambassador in the UK, to protest at what he described as “an act of deliberate and wholly unacceptable censorship”.

Only 15% of China’s population has internet access compared to and average of 71% in western markets.


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