Thousands of BT customers with no email

March 26, 2008

Thousands of BT customers with no email

For thousands of BT customers accessing their email may have been slightly difficult recently as there has been a problem with some the broadband servers that BT is using. According to BT themselves there have been only a small number of customers affected by this fault for a few days. But other sources put the problem as affecting many thousands of BT users.

The problem is affecting those users on BT Yahoo, and according to data that is available on the internet this problem has been around for some time, in fact one of the earliest dates that this problem is mentioned is on the 11th March almost two weeks ago.

We take it for granted that things are always going to be ok when it comes to broadband and as we know this is not always the case, but the time that it takes to actually fix these problems is a concern for all. As being without email access for two weeks must be a total nightmare, this has made many users rethink about who they want to use as an ISP.


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