Three cut price of dongles

March 27, 2008

Three cut price of dongles

As the mobile broadband market heats up, naturally this is going to mean that there are going to be some great deals coming through. The mobile broadband provider 3 have shown their hand by dropping the price of their pre pay dongles in an attempt to attract new customers to the world of mobile broadband.

The dongles are very similar to USB flash drives, when it is placed in the port it automatically downloads the software which will enable the device to connect to the internet. The dongles have had a price cut from £99.99 to £69.99. This saving should attract some customers to give mobile broadband a try.

As well as cutting the prices of the dongles, 3 have also cut back the prices on the packages available. For 1 Gb allowance per month the cost will be £10, for 3 Gb the cost will be £15 per month and for the 7 Gb package the price is £25 per month.


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  1. Tim Kermode says:

    lol what use is a price cut if you still can’t get coverage? Might be useful if you live smack bang in the middle of London maybe but then you could have one of the fastest dsl/cable services available instead.
    Not to mention the download allowance isn’t too generous, especially when a couple of hours on Facebook or Youtube can fill the lowest quotas.

    Looking forward to this picking up though :-)

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