Voipfone launches new business broadband ADSL package

Jan Harris

UK service provider, Voipfone, has expanded into the broadband market with the launch of a new business broadband ADSL package for £45 a month.

The service can be used as a voice line, and can host up to 25 simultaneous calls.

Voipfone’s bradband service addresses the problem of voice ‘stuttering’, which can occur during VoIP calls if a large web page causes a spike in latency or swamps the connection.

It does this in two ways: by using a Max Premium connection which gives a maximum upstream connection rate of 832Kbps, and a maximum downstream connection speed of 8Mbps; and by using traffic management to prioritise VoIP traffic en route to the Voipfone’s servers.

The service is available on any exchange where BT Wholesale offers its Max product range. Customers get a static IP address and unlimited usage, and are not tied to a contract.

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