ITV in trouble over Midsomer Murders

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ITV in trouble over Midsomer Murders<br />

This is not the first time that complaints have gone into Ofcom regarding the afternoon screenings of dramas like the Midsomer Murders. But this particular complaint came after an episode featured dead bodies, car crashes and an electrocution, which would have been alright at the time that the programme was initially made for, but this episode went out a 4.00 pm.

Ofcom has ruled that showing this particular episode at this early time broke the rules on protecting children and screening violence, being shown on early evening television. Despite being edited the programme still showed some graphic images including a man being electrocuted in his car followed by a scene with smoke coming from the body.

Although there was only a single complaint, Ofcom believed that the complaint should be upheld, but on the other hand, Channel Television who are responsible for the compliance of the rules for ITV, felt that because there was only one complaint, they did not believe that scenes broke the rules at all.

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