Music industry in talks with ISP’s

April 2, 2008

Music industry in talks with ISP’s

It has taken some time, but finally the music industry looks to have realised that the way forward for them is to offer their entire music catalogues online for consumers to buy and use in a fast and easy manner.

The deal could see internet users getting unlimited music downloads, as this could become part of their broadband package or alternatively be an optional extra. Warner Music has confirmed that they are already in negotiations with many of the popular internet services providers. While EMI and Sony BMG have been already agreed terms in Denmark and are believed to be interested in doing the same in the UK.

In the US there is a Warner Music deal running, this is run with subscribers paying around $5 per month to get access to the complete Warner Music catalogue. But just having a deal with one company may not be enough to encourage users to sign up, it will have to be access to all music otherwise it will just not work out.


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