Mobile Broadband sales soar

April 4, 2008

Mobile Broadband sales soar

Despite all of the worries about coverage and speed, it seems that consumers love the mobile broadband dongle. In fact the High Street mobile phone chain Phones 4 U have actually doubled the sales target for their staff, which would imply that they had initially set them too low and therefore because of the demand, the sales people have been hitting their targets far too easy.

It was estimated that in one of their larger stores, the sales targets were put down at twenty five units per month, but this has now been revised to fifty units per month. However at the same time the target for mobile phone hand sets in the same store have been cut by fifteen per cent.

It’s a lucky break for independent mobile phone stores, as the hand set market has been slowing down for some time, but the introduction of mobile broadband dongles has filled in the gap, especially since the price of subscription was cut by half a couple of months ago.


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  1. Don’t know about mobile broadband subscriptions being cut by half?

    Vodafone and T-Mobile offer their services at a reduced price for three months but prices revert back to around £15 after this.

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