Orange to bump up prices

April 4, 2008
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Orange to bump up prices<br />

The broadband supplier Orange, are getting ready to increase their charges, for customers who are already with them, where there could be an increase of up to £10 per month. They are also preparing to charge any new customers that join them a connection fee of £30 as from the 8th April.

However for Orange subscribers who live in areas where they are still waiting for Orange to install their own equipment at the BT exchanges, they will be looking at an increase of anything up to £7 per month more than what the current rates are.

The new tariffs will be for the Home Max broadband service £17 per month, but for Orange customers who are not on the unbundled service will be paying £25 per month, this is £10 more, but for non Orange customers the price will be £32!

This new pricing is going to be very confusing for both new and existing customers, with £10 over the life of an eighteen month contract proving to be quite a lot more than they initially expected.


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