Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still popular

April 7, 2008

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still popular

Despite Microsoft being disliked by many of the professional users of the internet, it seems that Internet Explorer the web browsing software provided by Microsoft is still the most popular method of surfing the internet for many users in the UK.

There are several reasons being pushed around for this, the main being that every time somebody buys a new computer it is Internet Explorer that is ready and available, as it come with the operating system.

Although these days there are some makes of computer who offer some form of open source software, users tend to stick with what they are familiar with.

At the moment Internet Explorer has around eighty per cent of the UK internet browser marketplace; this is compared with the very low fifteen per cent of user who prefer to use Mozilla’s Firefox.

However this trend is set remain even though Firefox 3 is due for its debut in around a couple of months time, it is doubtful that it will have a significant impact in the UK.


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