Internet advertising set to overtake TV

April 8, 2008
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Internet <a title=advertising set to overtake TV

With the increase in internet use over the past few years has been closely followed by the increase in advertising. For many years it has been TV which holds the top spot for advertising revenues in the UK, but with broadband being available in most parts of the country now, so advertisers have seen the opportunity that it presents.

Internet marketing has grown at such a staggering rate that it is set to overtake the TV as the largest market for advertising in the UK, which is in fact the worlds most developed market for this type of marketing.

In 2006 the advertising market share was steady at around 11.4%, but by last year this had grown to 15.3%, which is an astonishing increase and with the TV market at 21.8% and the press at 19.9% the internet will be homing in this possibly this year on taking the top spot.

This goes to show how exciting the internet is going to become for advertisers over the coming years.


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