ITV to scale back regional news

April 8, 2008
ITV to scale back regional news

It was not that long ago when the senior management of ITV announced that there was going to be some severe cuts across the board when it comes to regional news programmes. However as it turns out it would seem that they may have some sense in keeping these services going after all.

The previous plan was to cut back the current seventeen services right back down to just nine, but this has caused some back lash from TV campaigners, the unions and even MP’s.

It is probably because of some of the old established regions would have totally disappeared, but now they will be scaled down considerably, but will still be broadcast to their local audiences.

The restructure of the regional news programmes will mainly affect those shown after the evening news; these will now be covering larger regions, which would mean local news will become less local for most people as the programmes move towards a central regional level, rather than a basic local level.


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