‘Minority Report’ e-newspaper on the way

April 9, 2008
‘Minority Report’ e-newspaper on the way

Remember the scene in the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report where he is on a train and the man opposite is reading a newspaper, then the headline suddenly changes to say that Cruise is a wanted fugitive?

Well it looks like sci-fi is again about to become reality, a tabloid size wireless newspaper that has a flexible colour touch screen will be available within the next 2 years.

Hearst Corp a huge American Media giant has been pushing large amounts of cash into a stealth start-up company called FirstPaper Inc. Their new newspaper ‘reader’ will apparently use a colour version of the highly energy efficient E-Ink used in the Sony Reader.

FirstPaper is a Linux-based reader, if it can be brought to market at a price that’s close to e-readers such as the £140 Sony Reader it could be a serious contender. If its flexible screen really can be made to turn pages just by touching the screen, and if it’s truly flexible, something similar to a real newspaper, and its also has wireless capabilities, it could become the way we read our news.


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