Ofcom to auction off 4G spectrum

April 9, 2008

Ofcom to auction off 4G spectrum

It is said to be the most important and therefore most valuable of all the spectrum bands and it will soon be announced by the telecom regulator Ofcom that 2500-2690 Mhz and 2010-2025 Mhz will be auction off on a tech and service neutral basis.

This spectrum will be used for next generation services such as WiMax if that is deemed desirable or the 3G long term evolution service which will be considered to increase competition as this includes the 2.6 Ghz spectrum which is the prime spectrum amongst all others.

The release of the 2.6 Ghz spectrum will offer some new opportunities for services and innovation. But the main thing about this spectrum is that it will add a new ear of competition which can only help the consumers of the UK. This will probably be in the wireless broadband sector which is of interest to all mobile phone providers.


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