Switching suppliers to become easier

April 9, 2008
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Switching suppliers to become easier<br />

One of the things that really put people off switching their broadband supplier is the time that it takes and the amount of trouble it can cause should it all goes wrong. This is where the amount of customers who are disappointed with their suppliers comes from. Ordinarily for any other service that they get it is easy to switch from one to the other, broadband has been very different to that.

The Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator (OTA) will be releasing their monthly report from which it is expected to include that there will be a new migration code of practice, this should make it a lot clearer and easier for the customer to switch from one provider to another.

With so many deals out there at the moment and more coming along the way, some customers will feel trapped with their ISP with high prices and low standards of service, while others who are able to switch because they have been with their supplier for some time, go out and get some good deals.

It is possible that a new code of practice will shake the whole market up and force it into providing some really good deals and more importantly a better service for all.


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