Theft Cited As Largest Reason For Data Breaches

April 9, 2008

Even though we commonly think of spyware and trojan horses being responsible for obtaining secure information from computers, a lot of the

security breaches in the past have been because of purely human error.

These human errors included portable computers such as laptop being misplaced, or storage devices such as CDs being lost.

According to the information released by Symantec at the RSA Security Conference, more than thirty thousand devices and systems running the antivirus software discovered that at least six hundred thousand to seven hundred thousand new types of malicious softaware created a problem last year.

Theft of computer systems is one way that security can be compromised, and it was discovered that even though the government did not have the highest amount of secure data released by a security breach, the data that it did release was the more responsible for identity theft than any other incident.


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