Virgin code update cripples cable boxes

Brian Turner

April 9, 2008
Virgin code update cripples cable boxes

Virgin Media have applied a code update which has crippled cable boxes across the country which were used for receiving cable TV illegally.

Cable boxes affected include the Eurovox, Nokia Dbox, Starview and Kryptview.

Users receiving cable TV illegally receive the error message “Please wait…code been updated” and no channels can be accessed.

According to industry analyst Ian Waller, “The change is causing false keys to be recorded on a ROM7 update, usually only 1 or 2 characters are wrong, this has been happening on ROM10 and ROM11 updates for the last year. A genuine card can handle the change, an emulator can not.”

Virgin Media applied a similar change around a year ago, and it took almost a week for firmware updates for chipped boxes to keep pace.

However, from reports coming in the changes by virgin may not be a simple one off event, but instead being applied on a daily basis.

Although updates are available on the internet which try to keep track of the changes, if the code changes are being implemented on a daily basis this could make it very difficult for firmware updates to keep track.

The result would be a victory for Virgin in their battle against cable piracy, and an end to the widespread use of cable boxes for receiving free cable TV.

UPDATE: Reports in the Techwatch forums suggest another code update began at 3:30pm today. It looks like Virgin have indeed started to apply daily code changes.

EDITORS NOTE: Sky have a very good offer on at the moment for upgrading to a HD package


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  1. Goodman says:

    I doubt they will do it as it is more hassle to them as well and they are still using the old boxes which are slow to respond so those customer will be affected as well.

  2. pete says:

    I have a euro vox box which has gone off due to the code chage, can anyone help me?

  3. Brian Turner says:

    Try reading the cable section in the forums, please:

  4. labrat675 says:


  5. Andy says:

    why dont you pay for the service, why shouldnt virgin media implement a system to protect their revenues.

    freeloaders make me SICK!

  6. terry says:

    Ha ha, hes a knock off Nigel , a knock off Nigel!!!

  7. strange says:

    we all pay too much in taxes and crappy tv licenses so why not have a little for free for once! IM A KNOCK OFF NIGEL LOL!!

  8. louis-2009 says:

    good toothy twat should stop woorying about people getting channels for free all he did to get them was buy out ntl wish i had the money then every one could have them for free

  9. why should i says:

    why should i pay for a channel that has more adverts that the free channels like itv 3 you are being ripped off the adds pay for the tv and we then pay to watch them then over 80 persent is repeats get a vox box people

  10. topcat says:

    can anyone tell me if these boxes will work or not as sick of paying through the nose for a crap service from virgin thanks

  11. carl says:

    hi all
    just had all my free channels wiped off by virgin and dnt want to pay for it,which is the best way to go in getting them all back for free,im a tech virgin so be basic at 1st.any advice would be appreciated thanx

  12. TON says:


  13. tony says:

    please update me re my virgin box thanks

  14. ryan redmond says:

    are you lot actually retarded losers or what,your all asking advice how to hack boxes illegally on a public site.knock off nigel certainly applies.if the service is that crap why do you want it ,free or paid for? if you want it pay for it ,if you dont then get a life and pay for something you do want you bunch of idiots

  15. Eclipse says:

    I totally agree with Strange>>>>>
    we all pay too much in taxes and crappy tv licenses so why not have a little for free for once! IM A KNOCK OFF NIGEL LOL!!

  16. frogster99 says:

    still no crack or code for leeds think virgin have done it . . . . If virgin charged less for its service i would pay

  17. martin says:

    Virgin charge to much for a poor service, chipped box is they way forward but will they ever get the chipped boxes back working again?? If they don’t work again SKY DIGITAL here i come !!

  18. boris says:

    i have had a chipped box …..why because in between the 165 channels offered there are only a few good ones most are just fillers and useless
    if they were fairer in what we could get in any package there are maybe 4 -5 decent channels not only that if you want them all you pay a packet more than for gas or electricity £79 per month

  19. strange says:

    The Ryan redmand Guy is only slagging us all off because he doesn’t know how to get it free, Gutted! Lmao.

  20. lee says:

    any one no what the codes are to get my channels bk on a virgin media vbox n what cable is needed to connect laptop to virgin vbox ?

  21. lisa says:

    Virgin tried taking me to court saying that i owed then 698 pounds,i had been disconected for 6 months at this point,i was suppose to be paying 15:99 a month but after 2 months it went up to 55 pounds a month and that was basicly for freeview so i got rid.VIRGIN IS NOTHING BUT DAYLIGHT ROBBERY THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY GET

  22. shaun says:

    virgin just keep repeating the the same things on tele over and over again so why pay for watching the same thing over and over again when you can get it for free.nagra 3 is a load of crap and a waste of money for virgin because its been hacked already lmfao

  23. strange says:


  24. Denzil says:

    If you don’t want to pay for the channels, just get a freeview box. Really, of those 200 channels you get on the full package, how many of them are actually worth watching? I’d bet about 90% of the decent stuff is on freeview anyway. the other 10% you can probably download on t’internet, buy on DVD, go to see at the cinema, or watch live in the pub (if it’s football).

    Don’t blame virgin media - they are a business just like any other trying to protect their income, and anyway, the price of VM is actually quite small when you consider the amount of technical hardware, infrastructure, cable installation, staff costs, support, program licences, administration, overheads and all the rest of it that goes into piping media content into your house. Its only £29 per month for 10mb broadband, phone line rental, 65 tv channels (most of which you’ll never watch), free landline calls at weekends and rental of the V box.
    Virgin do not get anything from the TV licence, that’s the BBC - which is why BBC services are ‘free’ to access, so those who say ‘Well, we already pay 150 quid a year for the tv licence, so I think I’m entitled to get virgin cable TV for free’ are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Really, I used to pay £30 per month just for a 56k modem connection not that long ago (ok maybe a few years back now but £30 was worth more then too so internet was relatively more expensive).

    Stop whining about your little dodgy box not working, get a job, and pay your own way in life. Or better still, get a hobby like cycling and walking and work off that 20 Stone of excess couch potato fat you’ve built up over the years by gawking at illegal TV and stuffing your face with pizzas, burgers and chips. Maybe then you’ll appreciate that there are more important things in life than watching repeats of Star Trek Deep Space Nine or Animals Do The Funniest Things.

  25. strange says:

    haha actually inreply to the dodgy box i always paid virgin for basic, phone n broadband… i since upgraded and am getting hd v+ phone broadband full package for a nice £32 month so not complaining now as for bog all on tv did i use the terms vurgin in their!!! oh i have plenty of hobbies including footy gym. so dnt judge by wat u read pal!! and i wrk full time and so does the mrs and i think the point ur missing is every company robs the decent working person!! why nt hav summit for free for once and if virgin media are a business like u claim they are they wudda invested their money ages ago in protecting their boxes……. chow for now brother…

  26. strange says:

    says the dude who knows about deepspace nine and animals do the funniest things, cant say ive ever seen them as im always dragging my fit arse to wrk and knocking out on the hobbies…

  27. johnc5456 says:

    a good alternative would be to buy a large fish tank, fill it full of cow shit and put it on a stand in the corner of your lounge. you really cant tell the difference.

  28. strange says:

    apart from the smell lol good point!! ;-)

  29. tony says:

    ha ha,the viewing figures for the adult channel will go down by about 1 million ,good enough for you pay like the rest of us,at least you wont go blind now!

  30. strange says:

    very true mate, lol although still plenty of hotel erotica on the movies 24 lol only soft porn shite though!! ;-)

  31. LumenArc says:

    can someone please advice if these boxes will work or not. Really annoyed for paying for a Virgins poor service. Should have stuck to Sky.

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