Ofcom to change broadcasting code

April 10, 2008
Ofcom to change broadcasting code

Broadcasters who provide Quiz TV, Psychic TV and Adult Chat TV will be going over the new proposed changes that could affect these services in a big way.

The new plans would mean that these particular services are not to be used as a revenue generating service and more importantly for the viewers and users of these services is the protection that will need to be put in place.

There is a call for the use of premium rate phone numbers not to be pushed in front of viewers so prominently. The changes are all about the cost of using the services, not only by the premium rate phone lines, but also with the addition of credit cards and direct debit.

The broadcasters do have choice here, they can reclassify under Teleshopping, if they did this, and then there is no broadcasting code, although in that case they would then come under the BCAP Advertising Standards Code.


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