Eurovox firmware updated

Brian Turner

April 11, 2008
Eurovox firmware updated

A Eurovox firmware update has reportedly been released, which aims to cope with the coding changes made by Virgin Media at the beginning of this week.

The firmware updates Eurovox Blue, Eurovox Red, and Eurovox Max V boxes.

However, users with cloned Eurovox boxes may still have problems with accessing cable channels despite the update.

A temporary fix was already made available across the internet in the form of the Bigmaq toolbar, which automatically updates new keys for a range of cable boxes, including Starview, Dbox, and Kryptview.

However, the move by Virgin Media shows that the company is increasingly serious about tackling unauthorised use of its programming, and further coding changes may yet take place to disrupt cable viewing by non-subscribers.

Of course, the point needs making that using a cable box to access subscription channels without paying for them is illegal, and users are strongly advised to consider the legal implications of cable piracy.

We’ve already seen over the previous months how media companies have been granted large fines against individuals for accessing channels without proper authorisation, not least pub landlords.


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  1. jags says:

    hi i have eurovox 1 this box is the one which only has 1 scart outlet at the back of the box it’s made korea i need the software for it can anybody please help me the software on bigmaq which is on adobe reader does not open so i need help can you reply back anybody ASAP THANKS

  2. slim1963 says:

    is my eurovox dead now it say please wait being updated

  3. munch says:

    hi im new to this
    i have just purchased a eurovox ex5100 & would like to access the area’s where i can access the firm ware
    can someone please tell me what i need to do to be able to access the firm ware?

    many thanks

  4. john fagan says:

    hi where do i find the latest firmware for eurovox blue please

  5. roddy mclean says:

    All that can be done,can be undone, an anti to every,hold tight and the resource will come again for free subscribtion tv!

  6. kymturner says:

    Hi there
    Does anyone PLEASE have an update for the Eurovox 7000 HD. I’m new to this and bought my box only 4 months ago. Thanking someone in advance K

  7. kymturner says:

    Hey There

    Has anyone out there got an update for Eurovox 7000 HD - PLEASE!
    I’m very new to this. Only bought box 4 months ago.
    Any instructions sent will need to be be in idiots language. Thanking someone in advance K

  8. LumenArc says:

    Slim1963, you never updated us with what happened. Was the box ok?

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