Why the BBC went with Wii

April 11, 2008
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Why the BBC went with Wii<br />

There is only one problem when a service chooses a single platform to use to offer there services on, it means for the consumer that they either have to change their existing equipment or go without.

This would seem to be the case with the deal signed between the BBC and Nintendo which will see the iPlayer becoming available to Wii owners.

There could be some Playstation and Xbox owners who may be feeling a little left out now and they may be right. However there are some good reasons as why the BBC did not go with either Sony or Microsoft.

The main deal breaker would appear to be the demands that both Sony and Microsoft attempted to apply on the BBC for control of the look and feel of the iPlayer. This was considered totally unacceptable by the BBC which is why Nintendo make the only games console available in the UK that can offer this service.


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