NAB demo of live HD video encoding at 3Mbps

April 13, 2008

A demonstration at NAB2008 of Broadcast’s International live HD video encoding under 3Mbps will be the first time in the broadcast industry that video has been encoded from a live camera feed at this rate of video compression. Until now, most HD video has been transmitted at the MPEG 2 standard of 19.4 Mbps.

By compressing video to under 3Mbps, Broadcast International enables video providers to reduce their bandwidth needs by more than 80% for HD quality and pack more video into less bandwidth.

Conservation of limited bandwidth resources has become a critical requirement in the broadcast, cable, satellite, mobile and IPTV markets, especially as bandwidth-intensive, high-definition video becomes the industry standard.

The demonstrations by Broadcast International shatter the bandwidth barrier completely, offering unprecedented compression and transcoding in both live and real-time environments.

Broadcast International will also demonstrate real-time video encoding and transcoding, translating video from one format to another at NAB2008.

In this demonstration, which emulates a production broadcast environment, a variety of content, from live sportscasts to archived footage, will be encoded and transcoded in real-time for delivery over multiple modes of distribution to cellphones, laptops, and large-screen format HDTVs.

Its CodecSys video compression software will be integrated with the IBM Media Hub Solution Framework that is designed to manage the increasing complexity of running a content-focused business from the point of creation to the distribution of digital content.

Broadcast International formed a licence agreement with IBM at the end of 2007. Their combined technologies aim to change the video distribution world by making it possible for cable, satellite or IPTV providers to deliver live HDTV at compression levels four to six times higher than is currently possible.


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