Changes to the USO could mean network upgrade

April 14, 2008

Changes to the USO could mean network upgrade

With management changes happening over at BT, it would seem possible now that the company could now be thinking of investing in installation a fibre cable network to all customers who would want to use it.

However there is a small deal breaker that could put a halt to the fibre to the home project before it has even got started. The new Chief Executive has spoken of BT investing the necessary multi billion pounds on the understanding from Ofcom that the Universal Service Obligation (USO) is removed.

By removing the USO this would free BT to go about business as they want to and with whom they want. As the rule of USO means that the company is obligated to offer affordable services to anyone who wants them, no matter where they are located.

This would mean that all cities and large towns would be getting the fibre upgrade, while rural and places further a field would be left behind, very similar to way that broadband rolled out.


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