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April 15, 2008

EU stamps three strikes plan out

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by David Allen
<br />
EU stamps three strikes plan out<br />

Some governments in Europe have been pushing plans on how to handle the problem of people who download and share pirated software, music and films. Initially there was talk of a three strikes and you are off the internet policy. Virgin Media even became the UK ISP to talk about bringing in this policy.

But when this proposal came up against the Euro Politicians it would seem that the proposal has it stands has been thrown out. The reason for this is that it is believed that they wish to get a balance between the users and owners of the copyrighted material.

Where this goes from here is not known, there does not appear to be any unity on which path to take, this means that each member state will need to decide on their own plans to tackle this issue.

However if they bring in a plan like the three strikes and your out policy and then this is thrown out by the EU, then it is always going to end up back a square one.

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